Selected Projects

A sampling of my client work from 2013 to present.

MarketCast Group website screenshot

MarketCast Group

I created a series of flexible content modules, powered by a WordPress backend, that could be used in a variety of configurations across MarketCast Group’s company website as well as their three business unit sites – then utilized the flexible modular structure to build out four unique websites, all while adhering to a very tight timeline.

Oceans website screenshot


After an extensive branding effort in collaboration with Communal Creative, venture capital firm Oceans needed a website to carry their new look through to the web. A main goal for Oceans was to highlight the founders and startups they work with on their new site. I created a WordPress website with a logical, intuitive backend so that Oceans can easily update their site in-house each time they add to the extensive roster of companies and startups they partner with.

With: Communal Creative (brand/content development, UX, visual design)

EHG Law Firm website screenshot

EHG Law Firm

EHG Law Firm’s current site wasn’t fully meeting their needs, so we worked together to determine their goals for the site and how best to achieve those goals. The new website accurately positions the firm in the Atlanta market, showcases their knowledge and expertise, and allows visitors to easily request a consultation online. To accomplish this, I created a WordPress-driven site with a custom backend structure that will allow for EHG to easily expand site content.

With: Edgar Allan (brand/content development, UX, visual design)

Friesla website screenshot


A website for Friesla, a small business re-establishing the farm-to-table connection by helping farmers take control of their meat processing operations. The site is easily maintainable via the custom WordPress backend, and is fully responsive, displaying beautifully across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

With: Lede Creative (brand/content development) and Knew Studio (visual design/UX)

HighCraft Cabinets website screenshot

HighCraft Cabinets

HighCraft Cabinets, a newly established business in the Pacific Northwest, needed a website to create awareness for their company and educate potential clients about their services. I developed a responsive website with a custom WordPress backend that allows them to easily add client projects and galleries of their cabinets.

With: Lede Creative (brand/content development) and Knew Studio (visual design/UX)

Calico Energy website screenshot

Calico Energy

Calico Energy approached me with a request to develop a responsive, functional WordPress website for the company. I brought in Knew Studio to create the design for the project, while I handled the buildout, including a backend that allows for the client to upload files to a custom information library.

With: Knew Studio (visual design/UX)

Signature Research Inc. website screenshot

Signature Research

Signature Research, a company that provides analysis and modeling solutions to the DoD and Intelligence Community, had a technically outdated website that was difficult to maintain internally. I developed a new WordPress website that was built on a foundation of modern, semantic code and provided an easy way to update the site.

With: Michael DiCristina (visual design)

Kalayaan website screenshot


I developed a fully responsive website for Kalayaan, a London-based non-profit providing advice and support for migrant domestic workers in the UK. Kalayaan maintains an extensive resource library for workers and employers, so the WordPress backend of the site is structured to easily manage this library of files and links.

With: Lee Tesche and Sam Campbell (visual design)

Radical Innovation Awards website screenshot

Radical Innovation Awards

Radical Innovation Awards (RIA), an annual design competition that welcomes radical concepts for the hospitality industry, needed a site to showcase each year’s finalists, as well as maintain an archive of past winners, complete with images/image galleries of the winning submissions. I created a WordPress website that RIA can easily update each year.

With: Son&Sons (visual design/UX)

Smanie Saddles website screenshot

Smanie Saddles

A new website for Smanie Saddles, a company that makes high performance bicycle saddles. I built out a structure to showcase their extensive line of performance saddles, complete with the ability to filter their products by type and use. The site also features a dealer locator, a calendar of demos and events, and an extensive blog with posts by the company’s network of ambassadors.

With: Cassette Creative (visual design)

Cartel Properties website screenshot

Cartel Properties

I created a WordPress website for Cartel Properties, a leader of urban development in Atlanta, Georgia.  Cartel specifically needed a property locator that was searchable by a variety of criteria, including zip code and type of space. They also wanted a way to display and maintain their extensive gallery of properties, as well as showcase currently available properties.

With: Son&Sons (visual design/UX)

Intel Autodesk website screenshot

Intel® Autodesk® Interactive Infographic

An interactive infographic for Intel®, to illustrate the performance power of Intel® processors and Autodesk®. The one-page site features a variety of interactions and animations, powered by a combination of CSS3 transitions/animations and JavaScript.

With: Prowess Consulting (visual design)

Case Study

MarketCast Group Websites

Role: Consulting, Front-End Development, WordPress, SEO

Project Goals: Create a series of flexible content modules, powered by a WordPress backend, that could be used in a variety of configurations across each company’s website – then utilize the flexible modular structure to build out four unique websites, all while adhering to a very tight timeline (8 weeks for development).

Results: Four fully-responsive, custom WordPress websites, delivered on-time

Testimonial: “”Partnering with Laurie to create the MarketCast group family of websites was an absolute dream! The project had many cards stacked against it – small budget, tight timelines, and 4 sites being launched concurrently. However, Laurie tackled each one with ease. She remained calm and professional through out the entire process. It was great to have a partner who not only made a fantastic product but really was a strategic voice providing guidance to our team and the client team thought the entire process. I have since recommended Laurie to our other clients and leads within our agency.” – K. Holden Rumph, Senior Account Manager @ Carbone Smolan Agency

MarketCast Group, a global leader in consumer insights, had just undergone a full company rebrand of the parent company, MarketCast Group, as well as their three business units under the parent brand – Fizziology, MarketCast, and Insight Strategy Group. Immediately following the rebrand, MarketCast Group needed development of new websites for all four companies.

The goal of the project was to create a series of flexible content modules, powered by a WordPress backend, that could be used in a variety of configurations across each company’s website. Functionality and structure needed to remain consistent across all four sites, while staying faithful to each individual company’s brand identity and specific content and site goals.

MarketCast website screenshot
Fizziology website screenshot
Insight Strategy Group website screenshot

Working alongside the Carbone Smolan Agency (CSA) (UX, design, project management), I provided both consulting and development services. I conducted a SEO audit of MarketCast Group’s existing websites,  as well as a competitor analysis of other websites in the same industry, to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement. I then guided the client during selection of both a content management system and a web hosting provider.

I worked closely with the design and UX team at CSA during the information architecture and design phases of the website to help inform the design from a technical perspective and participated in client design reviews.

Once design was complete, I built out all four websites for the client – developing a custom backend structure for the sites, with an extensive set of content modules that can be used in a myriad of configurations throughout each website. For the front-end, I created a custom WordPress theme that can be adjusted to match each company’s brand guidelines and identity.

I then conducted an online training session for the individuals who will be maintaining and updating the company’s websites. To accompany the training session, I provided an extensive written guidebook for updating and maintaining each of the websites to be used as an ongoing reference.

Fizziology website screenshot
MarketCast Group website screenshot
MarketCast Group website screenshot

The end result of the project is four fully-responsive, custom WordPress websites that elegantly represent each company, while allowing the client to easily and simply maintain their site content in-house.