I built my first website in 1996. Pretty sure it had at least one animated GIF (and maybe a <blink> tag or two).

My skills have advanced a bit over the years.

Laurie Vitas, front-end web developer.

Hi! I'm Laurie.

I’m an Atlanta-native with over a decade of professional experience as a front-end developer. I’ve successfully run my own freelance development business for the past five years.  Before I struck out on my own, I worked for a variety of creative agencies, large and small, including Ogilvy & Mather, IQ, and MRM Worldwide.

My development experience includes organizing site content, creating sitemaps and wireframes, CMS templating and implementation, and managing a small web development team, including task delegation and management of team process and workflow. Additionally, I have client-facing experience that runs the gamut from stakeholder interviews to technical training after project completion.

I have crafted code for a broad range of clients, including Vitamin Water, IHG, Wells Fargo, Northwestern Mutual, Regent Seven Seas, SunTrust, Chick-fil-A, Neenah Paper, Coca-Cola, and The Home Depot.

I love what I do.

I also love these things:

Photography – and collecting vintage cameras
Family time with my husband and son
Cooking all kinds of delicious meals
Seeing as many live concerts as I can
Collecting records (one day I’ll complete my Smashing Pumpkins collection)

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